We’ve always felt that it is important to make food from scratch using simple, good ingredients. For example, our basic bread recipe is made with  just four ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast. Our food philosophy is a part of every product that we serve to our customers.


Made in-house by our pastry chef, Pat Stanley, our selections of pies, cakes, and tarts are delicious conclusions to your family meals, or a delectable indulgence to have with coffee or tea here at the Bakery.

  • lemon-tarts
    Lemon Tarts -
  • tiramisu
    Tiramisu -
  • fyste kake
    Fyste Kake -
  • rum balls
    Rum Balls -
  • blueberry-and-pear-frangipane-tart
    Pear and Blueberry Frangipane -
  • chocolate cheesecake
    Chocolate Cheesecake -
  • pumpkin cheesecake
    Pumpkin Cheesecake -
  • plain cheesecake
    Plain Cheesecake -
  • chocolate-ciao
    Chocolate Ciao -
  • marionberry pie
    Marionberry Pie -
  • cherry pie
    Cherry Pie -
  • applepie
    Apple Pie -


The variety of pastries that we offer is made possible by our diligent bakers who work while others sleep so that there is fresh food available in the early morning for our customers.

  • apple-danish
    Apple Danish -
  • scones
    Currant and Cranberry Scones -
  • scone with jam
    Currant Scones with Jam -
  • caramel_nut_roll
    Caramel Nut Roll -
  • orange_croissant
    Marmalade Croissant -
  • apple-puff
    Apple Puff -
  • almond-croissant
    Almond Croissant -
  • plain-croissant
    Plain Croissant -
  • cream cheese danish
    Cream Cheese Danish -
  • mqrionberry danish
    Marionberry Danish -
  • blueberry danish
    Blueberry Danish -
  • blueberry bran muffin
    Blueberry Bran Muffin -
  • palmier
    Palmier -
  • pumpkin bread
    Pumpkin Bread -
  • rugulach
    Rugulach -
  • scones
    Scones -
  • caramel_nut_roll
    Caramel Nut Roll -
  • orange_croissant
    Orange Marmalade Croissant -
  • chocolate_croissant
    Chocolate Croissant - A favorite of school children all over the world.

Deli Items

We believe that we offer the best bagels in Olympia, period. We make them the old fashioned way, hand rolling and boiling them so that the bagel is dense with a shiny, firm crust. Add one of our house made cream cheese spreads and voila, a tasty breakfast for here or to go. Or, add vegetables, cheese and deli meat for a hearty lunch. You can also get soup, available during winter months, or a sandwich on any of our breads.

  • bagel-sandwich
    Bagel Sandwich -
  • hummus-with-veggies
    Bagel With Hummus & Veggies -
  • cream-cheese-bagel
    Cream Cheese Bagel -
  • chicken pot pie
    Chicken Pot Pie -
  • Quiche -
  • bagels
    Bagels -


There’s a child deep inside all of us that will enjoy the contentment of eating one of our yummy cookies. Chocolate chip is my go-to sweet snack, gingerbread is favored among the after school crowd, and hazelnut chocolate, almond and oat bars are perfect with tea.

  • snickerdoodles
    Snickerdoodles -
  • gingerbread
    Gingerbread -
  • hazelnut-and-almond-bars
    Hazelnut & Almond Bars -
  • hazelnut-and-almond-biscotti
    Hazelnut & Almond Biscotti -
  • chocolate chip
    Chocolate Chip -
  • chocolate-and--vaniila-carmens
    Chocolate & Vanilla Carmens -
  • mazurka bar
    Mazurka Bar -
  • plain macaroon
    Macaroon -
  • chocolate macaroon
    Chocolate Macaroon -
  • peanut_butter
    Peanut Butter Cookie -
  • shortbread
    Scottish Shortbread - Plain or Hazelnut
  • swirl_cookies
    Swirl Cookies - Swirl cookies can be hypnotic.


Batdorf and Bronson has been our coffee supplier from the first day we opened. We serve their beans either as espresso drinks or as freshly brewed drip coffee. Choose between herb, black or green tea available by the pot or brewed in a hand packed tea bag to go. Another of our favorite beverage offerings are “retro” sodas that we order from Orca Beverage Company, a supplier that manufactures and bottles soda in Mulkiteo,Washington. Flavors vary because there are so many! Orca lists over 100 flavors and brands on their web site, we only have room in our cold case for five or six varieties.

  • juice
    Juice -
  • colas
    Colas -
  • latte
    Latte -


Bread is called the staff of life and at the Bakery we consider it food that is not only a basic necessity for living but also for enjoyment. A flavorful loaf of any of our varieties of sourdoughs will add the perfect accent to your dinner. Or, consider lunch made on one of our selections of sandwich loaves to make an ordinary meal into a memorable experience.

  • Challah -
  • rosemary & garlic bread
    Rosemary and Garlic -
  • Italian-farm
    Italian Farm Bread -
  • whole-wheat-levain
    Whole Wheat -
  • six-grain
    Six Grain -
  • olive-levain
    Olive Levain -
  • levain
    Levain -
  • market_bread_case
    Assorted Sandwich Breads - Our display at the Farmer’s Market
  • baguette
    French Bread -
  • cheesesticks
    Cheese Sticks -
  • rosemary & garlic bread
    Rosemary and Garlic Bread -